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We're experts in technology, logistics, and real-time operational analytics, delivering best-in-class service through and through

In 2009, KLF Group launched Loyalty Source, a full-service rewards provider offering innovative sourcing and fulfillment solutions to the Canadian Premium & Incentive industry.

When it comes to design, maintenance, and fulfillment of reward-based programs, the Loyalty Source team are proud industry experts. By providing our clients with flexible reward solutions, we strive to expertly meet any and all Recognition Program objectives.

With distribution rights to over 300 brands and a catalogue of over 4000 carefully curated rewards, Loyalty Source has a diverse portfolio that includes best-selling merchandise, including gift cards, digital/mobile products, travel accessories, electronics, home decor items, appliances, and much more.

With industry-best lead times, world-class brands, custom integration, and advanced shipping solutions, Loyalty Source has set the bar for Canadian rewards program sourcing and fulfillment.

Employee recognition, sales incentives, years-of-service awards, corporate gifting; no matter your program type, Engentive can help your organization achieve its engagement objectives while saving you valuable time and money.

The Engentive Marketplace seamlessly connects to your existing HR software, ERP or CRM. Once connected, your employees or customers will be able to use our rewards marketplace to accumulate and convert recognition points into personal gifts that can be delivered to their home or office.

The Marketplace is fully customizable; add your company logo, set the points exchange rate, pick the rewards you wish to offer, and let the Engentive engine do the rest!

Engentive allows you to easily add a reward marketplace to any internal recognition practice your company is already using.

Integrates directly with your ERP

Custom branded rewards experience

Thousands of reward options

2-day shipping with tracking

Every company struggles with employee engagement but only the large corporations can afford the costly solutions available. Conscious of this limitation, KLF has devised a free employee engagement software to help small and medium-sized businesses increase performance output by rewarding, recognizing, and thereby retaining their valued employees.

Applauz is a free software that allows companies to implement and launch an employee recognition program in under 10 minutes. The Applauz software offers industry-recognized engagement features such as pulse surveys, polls, company value boards, leaderboards, peer-to-peer recognition, badge awards, and gift rewards.

Warehouse&Go provides its clients with a full-service 3PL solution with operational tracking and transparency. With a SaaS Warehouse Management Software, you manage the way your goods are stocked, transferred, and shipped—in real time. It’s that simple.

  • Rent warehouse space by the bin or skid
  • Track, transfer, and count your inventory in real time
  • We pick, pack, and ship your orders within 2 business days
  • Full reverse-logistics management
  • Advanced packaging techniques such as kitting and other minor customization services are available
  • Ship locally or internationally and save by using our bulk shipping accounts









KLF began way back in 2005 with the launch of, an online subscription-based video game service


The first subscription rental site in Canada.

KLF Group Inc. started with the release of its first online business:, a subscription-based video game rental service. Game Access was the first website in Canada to provide simple, web-based, video game rentals. The business rose to prominence rapidly and has since become Canada’s leader in online video game rentals, offering the largest collection of console video game of any rental service - on or off line!


Why we do what we do:

At KLF, our mission is to help our customers build highly engaged workforces and loyal client bases. Every software, feature, service, and partnership we develop allows our clients to better succeed at recognizing, rewarding and retaining their customers and employees.

We make a point to put our customers first, and this is reflected everywhere from our corporate objectives right down to our service level offerings. We are a group of smart, hard-working, and passionate individuals that are all aligned with our mission.

If you are a dynamic, resourceful, and self-motivated individual, we want you on our team!


It's important to us

In order to evaluate our success as a company, we like to measure how much we give back to our community.

We strive to do our fair share in making the world a better place. Every year, our employees are given a paid day off to volunteer at a non-profit organization of their choosing, We firmly believe that every little bit counts.

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